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  Please note these prices are old prices, please contact temple office for new prices
  Nitya Annadana Pathakam:
  This is a permanent nature. To be born as a human being is really a noble thing and among all the danas Annadana is the most important one. Out of the munificent donations given by various devotees, as on this day , every day 100 persons and on every Saturday 250 devotees of the lord are being fed.
  Details of the Scheme:
1 Rs 2,116-00 Archana to swami on any chosen day in the year by the donor and annadana on the same day in the name of the donor
2 Rs 5,116-00 In the name of the donor Annadana on any Saturday in the year and on the same day Archana to swami
3 Rs 10,116-00 In the name of the donor Annadana for 150 persons on any Saturday on any day during the utsava days of swamiji in a year along with lodging facility besides Archana & Akupuja facility for swamiji
4 Samaradhana For Arya Vaisyas on Chaitra Suddha Vidiya & Tadiya in the temple by Tangutur Jeevan Guptha & Family.
    Devotees are requested to come forward with their benevolent donations for this splendid cause.
  Particulars of various items which will be offered to swamiji:
1 Vadamala Rs 100-00
2 Daddojanam Rs 50-00
3 Pulihora Rs 75-00
4 Chakkera Pongali Rs 75-00
5 Chitrannam Rs 50-00
6 Kesaribath Rs 75-00
7 Uppu Pongali Rs 50-00
8 Bakshyams (Except on Saturdays & festival days) Rs 150-00
  Details of Prasadams:
Pulihora - Rs 2-00 Kalakanda-Rs 2-00 Laddu - Rs 5-00
  Particulars Of Pooja Fees to be paid Fee for performance of permanent pooja
1 Archana ( Daily) Rs 10-00 Rs 200-00
2 Sahasra Namarchana Rs 50-00 Rs 300-00
3 Abhishekha - Daily at 4-00 am (including items for abhisheka) Rs 75-00 Rs 600-00
4 Aku Pooja - Daily ( Devotees should get 5 packets (one hundred each) ) Rs 25-00 Rs 500-00
5 Aku Pooja using silver chatram( Devotees should get 5 packets (one hundred each) ) Rs 125-00 Rs 1500-00
6 Mahaseva (Decoration by silver kavacha)
Abhisheka Archana, Akupooja,Nivedana,Sheshavasthram)
Rs 410-00 Rs 3500-00

Kanakaseva ( Decoration by swarna kavacha)

Rs 1260-00 Rs 12,000-00
8 Prakarothsavam - Sree Seethramalaksh
mana sahita Sree Anjaneyaswamy vari Utsava Murthis
116-00 ---
9 Presentation of New Clothes
(Decoration of swami by new clothes)
116-00 ---
10 Archana on every Saturday. 52 Saturdays in a year
(prasada will be sent by post every Saturday)
650-00 ---
11 Akanda Deepaseva 15-00 516-00
12 Darsanam on otherdays:
Coconut breaking
Darsana on every Saturday