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  This is a special feature . Every year a devotee gets a pair of shoes ready for swamiji which will be prepared by a cobbler who prepares them observing Brahmacharya and with one meal a day . The next day after presentation one can observe them a little bit worn out with thorns here and there. It was believed and even to this day it is believed, that the swamiji is used to go out in the night by wearing them. As such devotees according to their ability present a pair of shoes to swamiji as and when their desires are fulfilled. Devotees in hundreds visit the temple to appeal to the lord . They sleep in the temple Premises for the night praying god sincerely to come to their rescue in solving the difficult problems. Every year, Saturday in the month of Visakha , Sravana, Karthika and Magha number of devotees visit the temple for Namakaranam and tonsuring functions and Dasangam.They pray for the protection of the lord with the teeming crowds the temple town will have the outlook of a temple - fair every Saturday.Every year the devotees of swami employ them selves in temple service according to their ability to have the blessings of the Lord.