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  Wonders of Sree Swamiji :
  The personal experiences of the devotees reveal the wonders (Miracles) of swami. Some of them are mentioned below.
  The branch Post Master of Pamidi, in Anantapur District had no male issue. In the year 1972 his wife visited the temple & offered prayers. She prayed the lord to bless her with a male issue. She promised to visit again after be getting a male child.As a token of her promise she had a "Mudupu" and returned.After some time she was blessed with a male child.Their joy knew no bunds.In their joy they forgot about their promise.One day in her dream swamy reminded her about her vow and patted on her back with his right hand.The Swamijis hand print was to be seen on her new blouse.
  She got up in great consternation & saw the hand print mark on her blouse.She told the same to her husband. It was indeed a fact. They soon came to Kasapuram and fulfilled their promise.Even to this day the blouse containing the swamijis hands print is preserved in the Temple executive office.
  In the year 1980 a boy in Dharmavaram in Anantapur Dist had in his 12th year numbness in his legs and hands. The doctors were helpless.Some one suggested his father to go to Kasapuram and pray God.They did so. They had their bath in the Pushkarini and boy went round the temple 11 times with the help of his father for 11 days. What a wonder! The boy could go round by himself !!!
  In the year 1985 a lady, who was afflicted with planetary dosha had lost control over her legs and hands. She slowly lost her speech too. She was returned to normalcy after 41 days of sincere service to God.
  In the year 1987 a bank employ in Kurnool Dist found his legs to be numb and had became so small after marriage. He had medical treatment but to no avail. He came to Kasapuram and engaged himself in swamivari seva for 3 months with perfect devotion. He was restored to normal condition and went home. He is at present a Bank Manager.
  One Venkata subbaya a Tabalist of Velpula village in Pulivendula Taluk in Cuddapah Dist had a strange experience.For over twenty years "Saturn" used to appear in the form of crow and it used to stratch him with its claws.Its laugh used to be horrible and while taking food he used to see insects in it. Once a sadhu in Dharmavaram saw him and told him to go to Kasapuram and perform seva to Lord Anjaneya.Placing great faith in the words of the sadhu the afflicted tabalist went to Kasapuram and performed seva to the lord for 3 Mandalas and was reading "Hanuman Chalisa".He found relief. He told the same to the other devotees employeed in seva and to the archakas and went home happily. This took place in the year 1988.
  Once in the year 1992 the wife of a farmer was in an unconscious state in Devanakonda village in Kurnool Dist.and on the advice of his friends in the village, came to Kasapuram along with his wife and with the help of two persons she was taken round the swamiji and was given 3 spoon fulls of "theertha" of the lord. They did so with all devotion everyday. After 21 days she got her speech and after 61 days she could even walk. Ever since that day the farmer has made it a point to visit the temple once in every year with his family.
  In the year 1999 Kummari Venkateswarulu of Madugula village of Nandikotkur Mandal in Kurnool Dist had a daughter. When she was in 3 rd class four days before Deepavali festival she had a slight fever and lost her speech sight and was even unable to walk too. He was eking out his livelihood by making earthern pots. He took his daughter to general hospital in Kurnool and on their recommendation to Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad. The doctors in the Neilofer hospital administered medicines for 25 days and were unable to detect the nature of desease that the child suffered from. They returned to their village.On the advice given by one Sunkanna a villager they came to Kasapuram and spent their time in seva for 41 days.They were taking to her round the temple everyday and giving her swamivari abhisheka theertha. Slowly the child got back her speech & sight. They performed seva for another manadala nad she could walk. She could happily come back home with her usual sight, speech and walking ability.
  Last year in the month of August, the daughter of a devotee of Raichur in Karnataka aged about 18 years was in an unconscious state. Her stay in the hospital for 15 days was of no use.The doctor advised for further treatment to another hospital in Bangalore. They on their way to Bangalore came to Kasapuram to have the Darshan of Anjaneya swamy their deity of worship.The girl got down from the car by herself and performed 5 pradakshinas without the help of any one.She sat before swamiji for 2 hours. They however went to Bangalore. The doctors there examined the girl and said that there was only weakness to the child and nothing else. They gave some medicine.After a gap of two months they again visited Kasapuram and went back after performing seva for 11 days.
  Last year a person from Hyderbad came to Kasapuram along with his wife, on his way to Bangalore for treatment for Blood Cancer to his wife. His prayer to God was fruitfull. After giving treatment for 4 months in Bangalore the doctors advised him to take back his wife saying that she should use the medicines regularly.Having returned to Hyderabad they went to performing pooja to the portrait of swamy at home. It is said that for the past one year his wife is keeping good health.Her husband ever since he came to the temple town was in "Deeksha" till the last month when he had again the darshan of the lord.After giving "Talaneelalu" he went back.
  Such instances as these are many and they are solid evidences which speak of the miracles of the "Nettikanti Anjaneya Swamy". Near this temple the devotees of swamiji have constructed 8 cottages with 110 rooms with all facilities for the sake of the devotees..